How is your business?

There is no denying that 2020 will be forever remembered for the world pandemic which is Covid-19. Its been interesting to see how the world has adjusted to the crises and how each government has created different approaches to the opening of economies. The tragic thing, for me, is the negative impact Digital media has played in this world wide crises. Fake news has not only scared society to an extreme level but it has created many” knee-jerk reactions” amongst many different industries, this is something we’ve seen with our own clients.

For a second, think, perhaps this is a time where we get to relook at our ways of doing business, with social distancing being adopted by every human on this planet, digital now has the power to right the wrongs, by creating new and, adapting technology to expand sales strategies. Some interesting online habits have formed over this time, online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have soared, users have taken to having shopping delivered to their doors, its almost pushed all South Africans to “see” the digital light.

As we approach Phase 3 of the nationwide lockdown, my hope is that businesses embrace and see what digital media is, a way to communicate, provide customer service, be accountable and create brand ambassadors, which don’t have to be the George Cloonies of the world, but regular people like you and me. Stay strong peeps, remember that we’re in this together, take care.

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